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Need help with choosing paint colors or more inspiration for picking the right paint? These are helpful links that we have used in the past to help our painting clients with colors, trends and ideas on how and what colors to paint their homes. Please click on the images below to be linked to the site.

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap will let you search latest trends. You can also upload photos of your home to see how house painting colors look before you decide. The room painting can be slightly difficult to get everything painted perfectly but with a little patience it can be very helpful.

Benjamin Moore Color

The Benjamin Moore Color a Room is a similar paint color feature, but they have chosen the rooms and done the editing for you. All you do is click on a room that is similar to the one in your home that you are painting, click on the colors you like and the walls are painted. It is very easy to help visualize what the paint color you are looking for will look like in your home.

Paint Color Trends

These can be found through out the internet, but HGTV has a easy layout for the 2019 trending paint colors. They are new colors "experts" think will dominate the market. I say go with a house paint color that makes you happy.

A forum for advise on DIY projects. Good to know what your getting into and if it is maybe to big a project for yourself.

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